What we do

Whether in a statehouse, the White House, or the two chambers of Congress, few have the know-how and relationships to meaningfully shape public policy like Miller Strategies. Utilizing relationships throughout federal and state government, Miller Strategies’ team draws on decades of experience in GOP politics and public affairs to reach decision-makers, engage influential staff, and affect meaningful outcomes on behalf of clients.

As a boutique firm, Miller Strategies approaches each project with a mix of creativity, flexibility, and dedication while building sophisticated strategies to achieve the specific goals of our clients.

Policy Advocacy

We believe the client is most often the best messenger for an issue or industry, but to whom should that message be delivered?  Miller Strategies’ associates will get you in front of the right people, at the right time, to ensure your concerns are heard and considered by decision-makers in government.  Our team will continue to press that message, at all levels of government, in all times and places, because Washington never sleeps.  

Managing Regulatory Risk

Does your in-house Legal department have a concern with a federal rulemaking?  Regulations can impact business decisions, shape markets, and often have unintended consequences, costing customers and/or taxpayers more than the rules purport to save.  Miller Strategies ensures its clients’ regulatory concerns are heard and understood by the people responsible for writing and enforcing federal rules and guidance. We aim to help clients minimize compliance costs by engaging the leadership of Executive branch agencies and departments.

Legislative Strategy

There’s an old saying that something difficult, or requiring of significant effort, would “take an Act of Congress”, implying that getting our 535 elected members of the Legislative branch to take action, let alone agree, is a herculean task.  But with Miller Strategies’ team of experts, addressing client concerns legislatively doesn’t have to be an impossibility. We know that with a highly refined and targeted plan for engaging Members of Congress and key congressional staff, the probability of success increases dramatically.